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Long Sleeve

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts

Organic Cotton long sleeve t-shirts are a timeless staple for dress-down or stylish streetwear. Shop our collection of earth-first, sustainably produced graphic long sleeves.

What to Look for in Eco-Friendly Long Sleeve Tees

Natural and/or recycled fibers: Organic and/or recycled fibers like sustainably sourced cotton are better for the environment than synthetics and even conventional cotton (which is what many traditional long sleeve tees are made out of).

Timelessness and style: Choose long sleeve tees that you will genuinely love for a long time, and that will fit well into your overall wardrobe. Go for shirts that you’ll be able to dress up or down as you go from work to the gym.

Environmentally-conscious manufacturing: The processes involved in creating textiles are often pretty harsh on the environment, using lots of water, chemicals, and energy, and leaving behind waste. Look for brands that are using more earth-friendly processes that reduce their impact.

Non-toxic dyes and finishes: Traditional clothing is dyed with chemicals that are not good for the earth, the people making them, or you. Look for natural and/or non-toxic alternatives and certifications.

Fair labor and transparency: Look for brands that prioritize transparency and certifications like Fair Trade Certified™.

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