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International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day - July 29

Today is #InternationalTigerDay, which established to bring awareness to the fact these iconic animals are almost gone.

According to John Goodrich, Chief Scientist and Tiger Program Director for Panthera (the global wild cat conservation organization), there are around 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

Can you envision a world with no tigers? Neither can I.

Why are they vanishing?

They’re illegally hunted for the traditional Chinese medicine market. Poachers come from outside of Malaysia and set up encampments deep in the rainforest where they hunt the tigers with snares.

Massive conversion of Malayan rainforests to palm oil plantations has also significantly reduced Malayan tiger habitat, leading to their decline.

How can you become a voice of this vanishing animal? If you’re in Malaysia, advocate for their protection from poaching. Support expanding and supporting tiger reserves. Outside of Malaysia, avoiding products containing palm oil is a great idea. There are some sustainable sources, but most palm oil plantations in Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia destroy vital habitat for tigers and thousands of other species. Our daily consumption habits make a big difference to the natural world. We’ve got this!


— JT, VoV Founder

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